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Overseas Beauty & Spa Professionals Recruitment From India

Beauty & Spa Professionals Recruitment From India

Shaba Jobs is one of the top manpower recruitment companies in India. We are successfully recruiting beauty & spa professionals from India to overseas countries. Over these years we have recruited hundreds of Beauty & Salon Staffs, Spa Professionals, Hairdressers, Waxing Specialist, Laser Treatment Specialists, Beauticians, Barbers, Tattoo Artists, Service Crew, Floor Arrangers, Masseuse, Image Consultants, Professional Makeup Artists, Nail Artists, Skin Care Experts, etc. We are a government-approved overseas manpower recruitment company, also focused on beauty & spa professionals recruitment from India, because of the high market demand of beauty & spa professionals across most of the European & middle-east countries. We have a prestigious clientele widely scattered across many foreign countries over these years. Our team of manpower recruiting specialists are dedicated towards recruiting professionally qualified and talented beauty & spa professionals to various beauty parlours, makeup studios, beauty brands, and salons across various countries. We use manpower & technology equally in the selection process in identifying the right talents for the beauty sector. Because of this reason, we can always satisfy employers associating with us for their beauty & spa professionals recruitment from India. Employers or recruiters in the beauty sector always prefer friendly, ambitious, passionate, hard-working & talented individuals who can deliver exceptional customer care service, so we select every candidate considering all these criteria to meet the employer’s requirements.   At the same time, we are very keen on identifying & associating with reputed employers & brands to ensure a safe and quality career for our candidates we are recruiting. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a professional work environment for these beauty & spa professionals we are recruiting from our county.


Beauty Salons & Wellness Centers are Creating More Job Opportunities


Nowadays, people regardless of their age & gender are concerned about how they look, and they are frequently visiting beauty salons and wellness centers. And because of this reason salons, makeup studios & spa centers are mushrooming everywhere, In many countries this beauty sector is a multi-billion dollar business segment, creating thousands of job opportunities for beauty salon & spa professionals. This beauty sector does have various sub-segments like nail salons, hair salons, laser centers, tattoo centers, etc and for every sub-segments they need qualified professional artists for the job. Considering the lack of professionals in many countries they prefer to recruit beauty professionals from various parts of the world. A Pune-based research center ‘ValueNotes’, reports that India has over 61,000 beauty salons in towns, which creates thousands of professionally qualified & experienced salon staff and they can make use of these overseas job opportunities to secure their career.


Overseas Beauty & Spa professionals Recruitment – Our Focus Areas

  • Beauty & Salon Staffs for Beauty Parlours & Salons

  • Spa Professionals for Wellness & Spa Centers

  • Hairdressers & Hair Stylists for Hair Care Centers

  • Waxing Specialist for Salons & Skin Care Centers

  • Laser Treatment Specialists for Laser & Skin Care Clinics

  • Beauticians, Barbers for Unisexual Salons

  • Tattoo Artists for Tattoo Centers & Salons

  • Service Crew & Floor Arrangers for Beauty Salons & Wellness Centers

  • Masseuse for Wellness & Therapy Centers

  • Image Consultants for Salons & Makeup Studios

  • Professional Makeup Artists for Makeup Studios & Beauty Brands

  • Nail Artists for Nail Salons & Beauty Parlours

  • Skin Care Experts for Skin Care Clinics 


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Are you an employer or recruiter planning to recruit beauty & spa professionals from India? Or are you in search of a manpower recruitment company for your beauty salon professionals recruitment? Then you are in the right place, We Shaba Jobs doing manpower recruitment for years and we cater our service in the beauty and salon industry. We implement a technology-driven holistic approach in the selection process in order to deliver exceptionally talented & artistic professionals for employers. Being a top overseas beauty & spa professionals recruitment company in India, we welcome employers to experience our hassle-free recruitment process.


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