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Overseas IT Professionals Recruitment From India

Due to the lack of local talents many European & Middle East countries are recruiting IT professionals from India.  Many developing countries with increasing economies having a skill-gap in their information technology (IT) sector, and actively recruiting professionals from India to fill up the vacancies. Many other countries are also recruiting IT professionals but most of the well-known IT companies across the world prefer Indian IT professionals, because of their professional expertise, subject knowledge and hard-working nature. Shaba Jobs is one of the best Overseas IT professionals recruitment company in India. The IT industry across the globe is rapidly growing and creating thousands of job vacancies & career opportunities and it always has a never-ending demand in the employment sector. The robust education system in India, especially the IT departments is equally focusing on the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, which makes a significant improvement in knowledge acquisition and it delivers the best talents for the industry. Another major reason why Indians are preferred for overseas IT jobs is because of their communication skills, especially fluency in English. Subject knowledge, multi -tasking skills, versatility, professional competence, adaptability and work experience, and proven track record from the Indian market are the elements that make overseas companies look for Indian IT professionals. Business networking & communication is also very important in overseas IT sectors to operate effectively. We, Shaba Jobs, is specialized in manpower recruitment and we have a separate department for overseas IT recruitment, as it has to be handled more professionally, our methodological approach, strong business connections, and audience pool makes the task handier for us. The biggest challenge while recruiting IT professionals from India is our market saturation, we can easily find thousands of professionally qualified and experienced IT people here, but to identify the best fit for an overseas company is not an easy job! Only through our experience and teamwork, we were able to deliver the right talents every time and become the best overseas IT professional recruitment company in India. We carry out the initial screening of the candidates with the utmost care and match candidates with the right employers. Our team of experts keeps following the changes that are happening in the IT sector worldwide. Studying and analyzing the current trend is our key strategy in the process of recruitment. We deliver our best every time, by understanding the ever-changing and evolving IT industry trends properly. 

Why Indian Professionals Are Preferring Overseas IT Jobs? 

A large percentage of experienced Indian IT professionals are choosing to work in foreign countries because the foreign IT sector is offering much better job security, work-life balance, and good remuneration. Indian industry experience is very much helpful for the employees to adapt to the global business industry. Most of the Indian IT companies are also dealing with foreign clients, so their experience and exposure are equally good as employees from their own countries, which makes Indian IT professionals more confident in migrating to overseas countries for exploring job opportunities. According to studies IT jobs are about to grow by 12% from 2018 to 2028, that creates thousands of job opportunities in the upcoming years, at the same time the global IT sector is suffering a shortage of two million skilled professionals, which means the difficulty of getting an IT job abroad is less, compared with other industries. These factors triggered the growth of overseas recruitment of IT professionals from India to a great extent. Being one of the most reliable and dependable overseas IT professionals recruitment company in India, we have helped thousands of Indians to secure a career in abroad IT companies. 

Important Steps We Follow in IT Recruitment Process 

Step 1: Data Collection From Employer 

Collecting job requirements from the employer like, identifying the purpose of hiring, determining the job responsibilities, defining candidate selection criteria, and preparing job description with employer profile. 

Step 2: Headhunting & Executive Search

First of all, we look into our candidate database/audience pool for the right talent. In the next phase, we publish advertisements on our website & other mediums for the position and collect  CVs from the candidates. Our experts will create targeted ad campaigns to meet the requirements & to increase the potential reach. 

Step 3: Candidate Selection

This is the most important phase of the entire overseas IT recruitment process. 

First, our recruiting team will process the entire applications received and disqualify irrelevant CVS. Selected CVs will move into the next phase where all the CVs are ranked based on the work experience, academic excellence & professional achievements. In the third stage of the selection process Interviews being conducted based on the rankings. Overseas employers will also take part in the interviews. 

At the last stage, we will finalize selected candidates. For some particular IT job, we conduct technical interviews with the help of industry experts. 

Step 4: Document Verification 

Verifying all the required documents, ID proofs, passports etc to ensure that the candidates have everything they require for relocation and a new job in a different country. After all these steps, we used to give a final orientation to the candidates who are selected. 

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