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Sahba Jobs is one of the top overseas manpower recruitment companies in India, with the experience of employing fresh and experienced candidates to the most competent international business sectors around the world. We have a strong focus on overseas industrial & manufacturing recruitment and we have successfully placed thousands of industrial workers in the past few years.  The industrial and manufacturing sector is one of the largest and most influential business sectors of the world economy. And it is the biggest sector offering billions of job opportunities world wide, the scope of career growth and opportunities are endless in this industry. Shaba Jobs is recognized as one of the leading overseas manufacturing staff recruitment company in India and we have been delivering our professional recruitment services to many international companies. We focus on identifying the most appropriate employees to match with the employers business needs and at the same time helping the Indian workers/professionals to secure their career abroad to fulfill their dreams. Overseas manufacturing and industrial sectors offer a lot of entry level jobs which are suitable fresh and mid-level employees. Most of these industrial and manufacturing companies provide on-site job training, which is useful for fresh candidates and migrant workers from different countries, it helps them to understand the new work culture and become more productive and efficient. Most of the skilled workers from India are choosing overseas manufacturing & industrial jobs because of the competitive salary, good work environment, flexibility and job security. 

                  Overseas Industrial & Manufacturing Staff Recruitment From India – Our Focus Areas 

We have diverse experience in identifying, shortlisting & employing potential candidates from the Indian industry sector to different parts of the world.  Massive expansion and development in the industrial and manufacturing sector leads to the shortage of workers. As an overseas manufacturing company in India, we partner with hundreds of overseas companies in the industrial and manufacturing sector and provide employment solutions and support for them. We mostly recruit candidates for the following positions:

  • Assembly Supervisor                               – Assistant Plant Manager
  • Chief Manufacturing Executive              – Chief Quality Control Executive
  • Civil Engineering Supervisor                   – Controls Engineer
  • Distribution Manager                               – Division Manager
  • Engineers                                                    – Estimating Manager
  • Facilities Manager                                     – Floor Assembly Supervisor
  • General Manager                                      – Industrial Engineers
  • Maintenance Supervisor                          – Production Supervisor
  • Manufacturing Engineers                         – Manufacturing Process Engineer
  • Manufacturing Production Manager      – Master Scheduler
  • Materials Management Supervisor        – Materials Manager
  • Materials Planner                                       – Mechanical Designer
  • Mechanical Engineer                                 – Operations Clerk
  • Operations Manager                                  – Plant Accountant
  • Plant Human Resources Manager           – Plant Manager
  • Power Plant Dispatcher                             – Power Plant Distributor
  • Powerhouse Supervisor                            – Process/Product Design Engineer
  • Process Engineer                                        – Equipment Operations Supervisor
  • Product Development Manager               – Product Manager
  • Product Marketing Analyst                        – Production Control Clerk
  • Production Control Manager                    – Production Engineering Manager
  • Production Foreman                                  – Production Manager
  • Production Planner/Scheduler                 – Production Supervisor
  • Project Manager                                         – Purchasing Agent/Buyer
  • Safety Manager                                           – Safety Coordinator
  • Stationary Engineer                                    – Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Test Engineers                                             – Factory Workers
  • Tool Room Supervisor                                – Plant Helpers
  • Warehouse Manager                                  – Quality Control Inspector

The Industrial & manufacturing sector plays a major role in transforming a country’s physical structure and economy, it is in fact the backbone of every country’s economic sustainability and growth. Many developing countries, Middle-East & European countries are lacking local talents & skilled workers in industrial and manufacturing sectors, and because of this reason, they are recruiting candidates from other foreign countries. We are in the manpower recruitment industry for years and one of the best overseas industrial & manufacturing staff recruitment company in India, We have hundreds of happy and satisfied clients spread across the globe and we have helped thousands of skilled professionals to migrate to foreign countries to build their career in industrial & manufacturing sectors. Industry expertise is vital for getting recruited in the overseas industrial and manufacturing sectors, so we are extremely keen in shortlisting professionally skilled candidates for final rounds. We let the employer conduct the final round of interview directly to ensure the competitiveness of the candidates, which is also helpful for the candidates to learn more about the job profile, work environment, salary scale etc. 

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