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Overseas Technical & Skilled Labour Recruitment Company In India

When analyzing the overseas recruitment sector, the most under-rated one is technical & skilled labour recruitment. Being an overseas manpower recruitment company we are recruiting professionals to different sectors including IT, Manufacturing, Engineering, Beauty & Spa, Hotels & Restaurants, Healthcare and we have a strong focus on technical & skilled labour recruitment. High skilled blue-collar professionals and technical workers in the manufacturing, industrial, engineering and other sectors are the major contributors towards industrial revolution. Skilled workers are also known as trade workers, craft workers, or sometimes referred as middle-skilled workers. Warehousing, Oil fields, Firefighting, Manufacturing, Sanitation, Construction, Custodial work, Technical Installations etc are examples of industries that commonly employ these technical & skilled labour employees. We are one of the leading overseas technical & skilled labour recruitment company in India, recruiting thousands of technically skilled blue-collar professionals to overseas industry sectors. We have categorized  these blue-collar jobs into different groups based on the wages, technical background, occupational categories, educational qualifications etc, that makes the recruitment process more finest. Most of the Middle-East & Gulf countries prefer to recruit technical labour & blue-collar professionals from India, due to the talent gap. According to industry experts this shortage will continue for quite a long time, so here we have constantly updating our technical & skilled labour database, making it ready for overseas recruitment. Being the best  overseas technical & skilled labour recruitment company in India, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in the blue-collar segment and developed a unique recruitment approach for this target group. Recruiting technical & skilled professionals is a challenging job because not many youngsters are pursuing this career and the older skilled professionals are not very interested in going overseas for their job, this trend reduces the availability of blue collar professionals. Identifying right talents at the beginning is very important, otherwise we have to spend our energy and time on irrelevant applicants. So the first step we took in technical & skilled labour recruitment is ‘target specific ad campaigns’. Creating successful target ad campaigns for getting attention from the right group of people. Domain specific job portals help in targeting right candidates and reduce irrelevant applications. After the first screening we used to conduct one-on-one interviews, to learn more about their industry experience & preferences. During the final stage we let the employers and candidates interact with each other for further proceedings and clarifications. Being in the overseas manpower recruitment industry for years, we have our own understanding about each business sector and we work accordingly. Unlike white-collar jobs, these technical & skilled professionals use their physical abilities to perform their duties(manual labour), mostly on  non-office set-ups like construction sites, mining sites etc. We have developed a candidate centric recruitment approach for recruiting blue-collar workers. 

Character Traits We Consider While Recruiting Technical & Skilled Workers

For blue-collar jobs along with educational qualifications, we also consider industry experience, job skills, professional expertise and character traits. We are very keen in identifying the best match for our employers who are partners with for their employment process. 

  • Confidence – A confident worker can take up challenges & work on difficult situations
  • Self-Motivation – A self-motivated worker can deliver their job without constant supervision, they can be independent and motivate others too. 
  • Optimism – A good attitude and positive thinking is essential for any jobs, but for manual labour a little more effort required to keep up the energy and enthusiasm, an optimistic worker can be more productive in the work-front and makes the work environment more joyful
  • Presence of Mind – Presence of mind and intelligence is very important, when it comes to on-site jobs, to manage with different people and unexpected situations. 
  • Attention to Detail – Technical & skilled professional workers must be very observant, detail attention in the work-front helps them to reduce errors. 
  • Hardworking & Passionate – The most important quality of any worker. Only a hardworking employee can benefit the company and passion towards their job will be helpful for them to grow further in their career. 

Overseas Technical & Skilled Labour Recruitment – Our Focus Areas

We recruit skilled & technical workers for the following positions:

  • Welders
  • Plumbers
  • Machinist
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Fabrication Workers
  • CNC Operators
  • AC Technicians 
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Air-Con Technicians
  • CAD/CAM Operators
  • Furniture Carpenters
  • Electronic Technicians
  • General Labour
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics
  • Heavy Equipment Operators 

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Are you an employer or recruiter planning to recruit blue-collar professionals from India? Are you in search of a manpower recruitment company for technical & skilled labour recruitment? Then you are at the right place, We Shaba Jobs doing manpower recruitment for years and we cater our service to the overseas technical & skilled labour recruitment from Indian market. We implement a technology driven holistic approach in the selection process in order to deliver industry experienced professionals for the employers. Being a top overseas blue-collar professionals recruitment company in India, we welcome employers to experience our hassle free recruitment process. 

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