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Overseas Engineering Professionals Recruitment Company India

The international market is presently seeing a boom in the engineering & construction industry in the same spirit that of the 1980s and that creates more vacancies and demands in overseas engineering professionals recruitment from India.  We Shaba Jobs is one of the leading manpower recruitment companies in India, recruits engineering professionals to different industries including aerospace, architecture, automotive, chemical, civil, commercial, computing and IT, construction, design, electrical, electronics, environmental, geotechnical, infrastructure, manufacturing, marine, mechanical, petroleum, oil and gas, production, project management, research and development, software, telecoms, digital communications and networks etc. Being the No:1 overseas engineering professionals recruitment company in India our selection process is top-notch & is strictly monitored under our team of specialists, as most of the employers prefer highly qualified and talented professionals for their companies. Due to the widespread shortage of skilled professionals in their mother countries, employers prefer candidates from different parts of the world, and India is one such country producing the world’s largest number of engineering professionals every year. Surveys revealed that only 20% of 16 to 17 year-old students from the UK and 30% from the USA are interested in choosing an engineering career, while in India the rate is 80% – the highest in the world and India will continue to create more professionals across all branches of engineering in future. Because of this reason many potential employers in overseas engineering sectors are actively seeking recruits from India. 

Reasons To Associate With Us 

Shaba Jobs is one of the best government-approved overseas engineering professionals recruitment company in India, recruiting thousands of candidates every year to European Countries, Middle-East, and other foreign countries. We strictly follow government guidelines and regulations throughout the overseas recruitment process so that neither our candidates nor our employers will not have any issues in the future. Being a leading recruitment company specialized in overseas manpower recruitment & consulting we keep an updated database of qualified professionals with us, to deliver the best & timely recruitment service & support to the employers who are associating with Shaba Jobs. When we tie-up with any employers/companies or organizations for their staff recruitment from India, we make sure that we are arranging the best human resource (HR) solutions for them to achieve their business objectives. Our global outreach in India has offered great opportunities for us to prove our expertise in overseas manpower recruitment in every single Indian industry sector. All the employers who have worked with us so far have agreed that the candidates we have supplied are showing professional excellence and potentially improving their company’s outgrowth and expansion. Being recognized as an overseas engineering professionals recruitment company in India, we are very focused on our mission and working day and night to fulfill our clients’ requirements, whether they are our candidates or employers. Identifying the right candidates through the extremely thorough and careful interview process for the company’s commercial development is our first and foremost responsibility. After that our team of experts will assist and guide candidates and recruiters through all the phases including work contract preparation, documentation & paper works, pre-employment orientation etc till the end of successful recruitment.  

Overseas Engineering Professionals Recruitment – Our Focus Areas

We regularly supply fresh and experienced engineering professionals from India to the following engineering sectors, at every level across the globe. 

  • Aerospace
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Civil 
  • Commercial 
  • Computing and IT Construction & Designs
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Environmental
  • Geotechnical
  • Infrastructure & Manufacturing
  • Marine & Mechanical
  • Petroleum Oil and Gas
  • Production & Project Management
  • Research and Development
  • Software 
  • Telecoms
  •  Digital Communications and Networks

Engineering professionals in Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil industries and various manufacturing industries such as Automobile, Aviation, Communication, Air Conditioning, Computer, and their ancillary units, are becoming high demand sectors in developed nations. We have a team of specialists in all those respective fields to recruit the best candidates. We also provide support guidelines and counseling sessions to the selected candidates to become the best performers in their functional areas.

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Many companies and organizations abroad may require employment solutions from India, because of the quality we possess. We Shaba Jobs, as a team of professionals recruiting engineers to overseas employers giving our guarantee that we can meet your staff requirements in the engineering sector and can deliver the best candidates to benefit your company/organization. 

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