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Overseas Service Sector Staff Recruitment Company In India

Service sector is the third sector of the three economic sectors and it is the part of the economy that delivers ‘services’ instead of end-products. Service sector is inclusive of producing services, maintenance, consulting, training etc. A major part of the modern economy is occupied by the service sector and it continues to produce more than 50% of jobs. Many developing countries are suffering because of employee shortage in the service sector and recruiting employees from overseas countries to fill up the talent gap. We are one of the top overseas service sector staff recruitment company in India, helping hundreds of employers and thousands of candidates every year to achieve their goals. Service sector comprises different industries including professional services, hospitality, warehousing, waste management, health care, transportation services, social assistance, entertainment etc. A well functioning service sector is the key to the economic performance of the country. Service sectors across the globe are evolving continuously over the last forty years in accordance with rapid technology advancement and creating employment opportunities everywhere. The quality of services depends on the efficiency and expertise of the employees who are providing the services, so it is very important to recruit expert employees for the service sector jobs.  Our human resource specialists are very keen on employee characteristics, especially when we recruit candidates for overseas service sectors industries. Candidates must have social awareness, discipline, self-motivation, problem-solving ability, communication skills, presence of mind and other similar traits that can help them in order to improve the effectiveness of their work. 

We Recruit Candidates For the Below Positions 

The Security Sector is producing ‘intangible goods’, interested individuals can pursue careers in the service sector and can work for different industries including education, entertainment, hospitality, financial sector, real estate, mass media, etc. We are recognized as one of the reliable and leading overseas service sector staff recruitment company in India, many employers associated with us for their staffing solutions. Below listed are the important categories for which we are getting the most number of enquiries. 

Security Guards A security guard is responsible for protecting the company’s premises and personnel in order to ensure a safe & secure environment. We consider candidates with exceptional fitness, honestly, preparedness, presence of mind & communication ability for overseas security guard jobs for different service sectors. 

Service Crew – Service crew members are in the food service industry, prepare and serve food to customers, processing bills, and handling customer service. Service crew members usually work as a team and serve customers directly. As this is a customer-oriented job, we consider candidates with good communication skills & customer service experience. 

Cleaning Staff – Massive expansion of various business sectors like the hospitality industry, education sector, healthcare, beauty industry, etc creates a high demand for cleaning staff. Depends on the industry the expertise required may slightly vary. We conduct sets of interviews to identify the ideal candidates for employers. 

Security Supervisor – Security supervising is a managerial kind of job. Security supervisors are responsible for supervising and monitoring security functions and security personnel of a company. 

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We are a government-approved overseas service sector staff recruitment company in India. We have a prestigious clientele widely scattered across many foreign countries over these years. Our team of manpower recruiting specialists are dedicated towards recruiting the right candidates to the right employers.  We use manpower & technology equally in the selection process in the candidate selection process. Employers or recruiters from the service sector always prefer friendly, hard-working & honest individuals who can deliver exceptional customer care service, so we select every candidate considering all these criterias to meet employers requirements.   At the same time, we are very keen on identifying & associating with reputed employers to ensure a safe and good work environment for our candidates. Candidates with relevant experience and expertise in the service sector can send your detailed CV to Employers wish to recruit service sector staff from India, can contact us at