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Shaba Jobs is one of the leading, government-approved overseas manpower recruiting companies in India providing employment solutions across the globe. We have a strong focus on overseas administration and management recruitment, as it is one of the high in demand sectors. We have built a strong reputation as a manpower recruiting company for recruiting administration & management candidates from India to various reputed organizations and companies. Administrative and management employees are very important for any business/organizations for the act of running and maintaining their managerial activities at different levels. Professional qualification and experience of candidates is mandatory in overseas administration and management recruitments as they are supposed to do internal & external business networking and serve as a liaison with the management. Being the top overseas administration & management recruitment company in India, we have the technology, infrastructure and human resources in place to deliver employers requirements without compromising quality of service, our team of specialists hand picked every candidate for  this overseas recruitment process. And after the selection process candidates are supposed to go through different levels of interview sessions at our office before interacting with their employers. Thus we ensure the candidates that we introduce to our clients are the best match for their admin & managerial level staff requirements. We are a leading overseas administration & management recruitment company in India, regularly work with employers from different organizations and companies  who are looking for administration & management candidates, so we know their preferences for that sector and cater accordingly. 

Eligibility For Overseas Administration & Management Recruitment 

Other than experience & education, most of the companies prefer candidates with a set of skill sets like, 

Communication Skill – Communication skill is mandatory for any overseas job and when it comes to administrative & management career written and oral communication is equally important

Organizational Ability – Organizational skill is the ability to focus on multiple tasks

at different levels by collectively using your time, energy & mental efficiency in a progressive manner in order to achieve the desired outcome. 

Time Management Skills – Time management is the basic and essential skill required for all professional jobs. It is the process of managing your time effectively between different tasks. Time management is inclusive of planning, scheduling, prioritizing and implementing activities.  Time management is very important considering the nature of administration & management jobs. 

Flexibility & Adaptability – Candidates who are looking for overseas administration and management recruitment from India, must be flexible and adaptive towards the work culture and business needs of a different country. 

Considering the nature of this job, it’s important to recruit the candidates with these qualities and values, and at every step of our overseas administration and management recruitment process we ensure that we are matchmaking the right talents with the right companies for their mutual benefits. Administration and management profile is required in almost all industry sectors so the demand is high. As a well managed manpower recruitment company, we deliver personalized recruiting solutions to our clients. After the identification of candidates for recruitment, we used to conduct interviews collaborating with employers, so that the employers can directly interact with the selected candidates and collect information regarding their qualification, professional experience, career objectives, area of expertise etc . Being an overseas administration and management recruitment company in India we have supplied candidates to educational institutions, hospitals, engineering & construction companies, beauty & wellness centers,  mechanical & electrical industries, manufacturing companies, oil & petroleum industries and many other different companies. 

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With years of experience in the industry we have made a mark in the overseas manpower recruitment sector of India, and continue to serve quality placement & staffing solutions to our clientele spread over different countries. We have established business networks with different companies in all sectors and regularly supplying manpower solutions to them. Our comprehensive assessments & filtering during each step helps us to shortlist the best candidates for overseas administration & management recruitment. If you are a recruiter planning to recruit candidates from India, you can contact us for your staffing solutions. Our team of HR specialists can guide you through the process and deliver the best talents to meet your business goals. 

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