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Constructio & Fabrication Industry

 The international market is presently seeing a boom in the construction industry in the same spirit that of the 1980s.  However, the market is more balanced and disciplined in approach towards ongoing and new projects as compared to the past.  Quality and after-sales services are the key issues attained by all market players in achieving the highest possible standards for diversified and innovative projects.  The Middle East has always been more trade-oriented with less reliant on oil revenues as compared to the other countries.  With the keen insight for a future nation, the Rulers have shown an undiminished interest in transforming this piece of desert into an oasis and hub of tourism that has blossomed into perfect environment excellence.

            The main construction activities in the Middle East and developed countries are projects initiated by the local government authorities and private builders which include Township, consisting of medium budget villas with connecting

*Arterial roads



*Nursing homes



*Departmental outlets

*National Highways

*IT sector

*Medical Villages

*Entertainment sectors including

   TV and Radio stations

*Conventional Centres

*Building New Roads and Bridges

*Creating Man made islands in the long stretches of sea

*Parks and Gardens

*Barbeque stands



*Swimming Pools

And many more.

Shaba has specialized in this area of recruitment also and has recruited thousands of people – skilled and highly qualified professionals.  We continue to recruit people for major Manufacturing, Construction and Fabrication industries even today, which clearly shows the capacity of our strength.