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Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources is one of the most important issues facing the global market. India’s labourer force exhibits extremes ranging from large numbers of workers accustomed to machinery and routine, to a sizable pool of highly educated scientists, technicians and engineers capable of working anywhere in the world. A substantial number of highly skilled workers have left India to work abroad and the country has suffered a brain drain since independence. The speciality of Indian workers is that they are loyal and disciplined. Quality of labourers from India is well recognized all over the country for their efficiency, skill qualify and discipline. This is probably one reason for the employers form UAE and European countries refer to Indian labourers over others. They are well accepted for their punctuality and hard work. Employers all over the world praise Indian labourers for their loyalty and responsibility. The total number of persons in the labour force is unknown. According to official figures, from 1981 to 2001 the total number of workers grew more than 50 per cent from approximately 245 million to 402 million. These figures count only those who are considered to have “engaged in an economically productive activity for 183 days or more. The actual number of persons in the labour force is likely to be much higher.

Technical Industry

The Technical industry across the globe plays a vital role in shaping and transforming the nation. The leaders in the industry envisage extreme competition and adapt to the rapid changes to become the most successful players. Time is the main criteria of Technical Industries compared to others and Shaba is tuned to adjust to the time factor without sacrificing the quality of people we select.

         Engineers & other Technical Staff in Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil industries and various manufacturing industries such as Automobile, Aviation, Communication, Air Conditioning, Computer and their ancillary units, are becoming yet another area of big demand in developed nations. We have a special Cell who is specialized in the respective field and can select the best candidates, conduct the preliminary interview and shortlist them for the final interview by our valued customers. We also provide support guidelines to the selected candidates to become the best performers in their functional areas.